The Wine Quaffer Philosphy.

Wine Quaffer is a quick and dirty wine rating website.

This isn't intended to represent the palettes of the worlds top wine tasters, this is the individual ratings that makes drinking wine so variable.

As the list develops you will be able to find people whose tastes match your own, and thus will allow you to guess what other wines you might like as well: a 'other people who drink marlborough pinot also liked...' The other aim is to provide the means to access your list via as many means as possible, mobile phone, pda as well as the net.

The rating scale is a simple 1 - 10. The interpretation of what that means will differ from person to person however we have found this scale to be enough to give the kind of rankings we desire.

Rating Interpretation
1 Would neither cook with it, nor give it to my enemies
2 Would not cook with it, but would consider offering it to my enemies
3 -shudder-
4 coq-au-vin?
5 Barely drinkable
6 Passable, and quite good depending on the price point.
7 Reasonable quaffing wine that I'd happily drink again.
8 Very drinkable, happy to spend reasonable money on it.
9 Very good to terrific; a great wine!
10 Nectar, superlatives pale in describing how good this wine is.