Sauv Blanc with Tapas

Chalkers Crossing 2008 Sauvignon Blanc – Tapas

We ended up at Station St Café in Nunnawading for dinner only to find some hard choices needed to be made. Which Tapas selection would we have? While deciding upon the correct nibbles we sampled  Sauvignon Blanc’s from  Chalkers Crossing, Tumbarumba NSW, and Branken Hill Marlborough NZ. Too help the decision a Jazz duo, King and Lily, played in the background easing the choice of Tapas to the Chef’s Selection.

Highlights of the 12 tapas were

Katafi Pastry wrapped prawns with seafood aoli.

Labna balls with Station st taboulis.

Lamb Kofta balls with minted apple yoghurt.

The two sauv blanc’s were quite different, one a quite typical Marlborough Sauv Blanc, fresh and crisp – 7/10, while the Tumbarumba wine was  softer and smoother across the tongue – 8/10.

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